3 Reasons Why Uncertainty in Forex is Worth It

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Rewards definitely outweigh the Risks.

I’m still in a drawdown. And it’s still -4% ish.

As a prop account holder, I cannot go over -5% as it’s gonna lock-down. Thus, I’m being frugal of my risks. You know, instead of risking the regular 1%, I would have to make it work with a minuscule 0.05%. Thus, taking a longer time to get back on the positive.

Honestly, wins cannot be felt compared to the losses of the drawdown.

Three more months and this dark hole of a circumstance will celebrate its first anniversary. I don’t have a 9-5 job. I’m highly dependent on investments, on businesses I supported thru funding. I’m desperately hoping that the people I helped would pay their debts real soon. Because responsibilities are catching up and my immediate family is butt-painfully dysfunctional that I’d like to create my peaceful life now.

Despite these, why haven’t I chosen the surer route of monthly income from an office job? Why am I sucking up a toxic home environment? Why am I still hoping that all these uncertainties are worth it?

Well, other than I don’t have to face Manila traffic on a daily basis, these are my reasons why:

Because of Work-Life Balance.

If only my family is not as shaking-my-head inducing as they are, life is perfect. Because through Forex, I could work anytime from Monday morning to Saturday morning for as long (or as quick) as I want. As of now, I’ve just been trading the D1 chart. And it only takes me about an hour the most.

So, mostly I could just turn pages as I read through the glossary, watch k-drama to its finale, go to the mall and hangout ‘til the last full show. But, wouldn’t. Because I’m saving up for the peaceful life without the toxicity. So, it is yet to be perfect. Though it will be soon enough!

Because of the Earnings Potential.

Most traders probably quite before they get to this level. Understandably, it could take 2 or more years to be consistently profitable. The first year will have lots of mistakes and burned accounts that people are not willing to further invest into. The second is spent back-testing the strategies that fit you. But damn, once you got your style, Forex would eventually replace whatever bread and butter you have.

And most importantly, because the uncertainty is Temporary.

That’s what uncertainty promises—that nothing lasts forever. This pain, suffering, and drama has a finale. That surviving losses is triumph itself. That if I can lose almost 5% of the prop account, I can also win the same. It’s just that I’m still learning, still on the process, still on my way of getting there.

Heck, when you got your first job ever, did you know what to do right away? On first dates, did you figure out right away what your partner’s quirks are? Same with every new endeavor. Same here in Forex. But I dare say, it’s so much better.

There can be nerves, bad day, but here in Forex, there’s no annoying higher-up to boss you around. You are your own person. You are responsible for yourself. There can be volatility on top of uncertainty, but in Forex, there’s always a pattern. You just have to quickly recognize and catch it.

This article is the mark of my impatience. I am likely to do something more aggressive in hopes of sparking a change in my trading performance. That is, to also regularly look into H4 and M15 charts. I originally plan to see faster time frames when I improve my drawdown situation.

But since there's no noticeable changes, guess I’ll have to just do it.

Happy trading everyone!


@marilesaca || Trading Kitten :3

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