TheForexpresso in 2019: Forex Resolution

This baby is turning 1! A bit of looking back and looking forward.

Hi Everyone!

This is @marilesaca, one of the sisters-traders here. I’m happy to celebrate the 500 friends we’ve made on Facebook as well as the 70 on Instagram. We love you guys (even though I’m the only loud one HAHA I'm actually the girl at the back on the photo above while my silly sis is on the foreground).

On our trading, mahn what a purge! Excruciating. We’ve won big but also lost big. I might have thrown off Mr. Risk Manager from all that forexperimenting (Oopsie!) that the company account froze on me. My sis, on the other hand, got served by the lack of stop loss after the personal account had already bled (update on Instagram).

HUMBLED but still here to keep going. Looking forward, the painful lessons definitely won’t be in vain. We’ve become mentally and emotionally stronger. For one, my sister is using stop loss now and getting positive MONTHLY consistency. Wuhoo! I’d say it’s definitely a leap compared to having winning month then losing on the next.

As for TheForexpresso, I know I’ve said I would put up weekly analysis, expand on Youtube, and supposed to sell probably teaching stuff someday. But, through time passed I realized we are not inclined to that Lol! It’s not our truth. Besides, there are many others already doing that. We are thinking of doing something else. Something fun :)

Therefore, I would make this site simpler focusing on writings and pictures. You know, the thought process behind the trade, why we're taking it, what we did about it etcetera. Because at the end of the day, no matter how much we teach you our strategies, you'd still act as yourself. You'll do you, know what I mean? Like you're the only person who would know what works for you. Who knows, you may be able to create a better sounding strategy for you.

As for the plans of making clips, I still suck appearing on videos. So, I guess we’ll keep relying on pictures as of the moment 😊

Bottomline, we would like to focus on trading. Yes, the technicalities but more than anything, the heart and mind that comes with it. We want to honestly show and tell our story. Hoping that through these stories, you guys learn something. Whether it be to go serious on trading or just go home.

You must have known by now—Forex Trading is not for the faint of hearts.

Happy Trading Everyone!


@marilesaca || Trading Kitten :3

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