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Updated: Mar 13, 2019

In celebration of this site's Day 1 timely landed on Valentine's Day, here's heart-related wisdom for you to comeback on your trades stronger. Because you know, heartbreak is a natural phenomenon in trading before it blooms.

I went to Learntotrade on December 2016 and learned the biz for a year. Not easy for me but what made the education fun and understandable is that one coach (hi coach ken!) that's translating rocket science to ABCs first. And he puts them into a quotable love advice where everyone can just relate to.

Here are some of his best quotes (By best I mean, what I can recall as of this typing):

(KBS2, Who Are You: School 2015)

1. 'Pag naiwan ka ng bus, 'wag mo nang habulin.

Never chase the bus when you miss it.

Love is timing. In Trading, the market may overreact on a big move and you seeing that loooong bar makes you jump into the bandwagon. Little did you know, the move has finished. It's going back and against you now.

Notice how seasons change and that nothing is really permanent? It's the same in Trading. There is cyclicity. One move may go up, the next may be down. There's A LOT of trade opportunities in this Trillion Dollar industry. Wait for the next one.

2. Matapos gawin lahat pero talo parin, hindi talaga sya para sa'yo.

When you still lose after everything you've done, accept that you are not meant to be.

You've already made round-off back handspring step-out full twisting lay-out and STILL he or she says "it's not you... it's me." In Trading, you may obsess analysis and adjust position every time. Then, it hits stop-loss! And you beat yourself up for being stupid or lacking.

Dear traders, sometimes whatever happens is just. that. Market moves, Shit happens.

IT DOES NOT CARE. And we don't have to play the blame game to whoever. Not even to yourself. Hey, not everyday is happy winnings day! Don't take it seriously. Take it AS IT IS. The sooner you get over the fact, the better you see the next opportunity.

3. Sinubukan mong muli pero hindi na sya tulad ng dati.

You tried to make it work but he/she is not the same person you fell in love with anymore.

You're hang-up even when the relationship is over, even when you're told to GET OVER the fact. It's understandable because you are invested. So, you tried calling. See where it could still lead to. But daaaamn, it wasn't the same anymore. A lot have happened, he wants something else. You two are obviously not on the same page. He's definitely going somewhere and it's not with you.

As traders, we may do the same and not realize it. Retest, anyone? Because that's what's happening. Unlike the first two advice, this is not telling you off. Instead, it encourages. YUP! Because, so what if it changed direction. At least, you tried being there.

Again, we will never know what the market will do. But whenever it decides to do something, we traders must be ready to be there in that moment and catch it. If it turned out you're together, then great! Otherwise, you may just adjust position, make amends or modify.

That is IF you're still willing to take it. The key is to set boundaries, which is what I talked about in CHECKLIST: Why Trading is a lot like Dating. It's a fun read too!

As far as my trading journey goes, I am here to tell you it's going to be okay. You are not alone. What you're going through is also what every trader is experiencing. Trading is not just a financial adventure.

Money as in Forex Trading is emotional. Through highs and lows, you will get feels. You will have to learn to control and manage your emotions.

Please leave comment. Let us know what ya'll think.

Happy trading everyone!


@marilesaca || Trading Kitten :3

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